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Phone:  509.993.5811

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For Private Sessions:
Please contact Dr. Helle to set up a time for your session. Each sessions lasts one hour ($100). You also get your choice of 2 CD's from our online selection at half price (offer is per client).
Sessions are paid in advance through Paypal.

$100.00 Pre-payment for a private or phone session.
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  Use this button for odd dollar amount services. The amount must be OK'ed with Dr. Helle.

What you will need to begin a session:

Please email Dr. Helle with the following information.

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Disclosure Form (Please download & sign)
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You may also mail it to Dr. Helle. Please contact Jane for address.

Note : Emails will be returned as soon as we receive them. If you have problems with MP3 downloads we will return and correct any issues as soon as we receive them. Thank you for your patience.


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