Testimonial contemplation Like a sunrise and a sunset, a day is not complete without the gift of enlightenment from Dr. Jane Helle.  She has been my guide through the darkest storms, always helping me find that silver lining in every cloud.  God did not promise us a life without sorrow and pain, but did promise us hope and constant love, and gave us people with the talent of Dr. Helle to give us the strength to go on.  Whatever your struggle might be, find comfort in knowing Dr. Helle can help you. 
God Bless you Dr. Helle for all you do!  Barb L.

Dr. Helle is a blessing!  She has been a mentor, a guide, and a true support over the many years I have seen her.   Working in the helping profession myself, I find it comforting to sit with this amazing woman who has empowered me, not only professionally, but personally.  She has seen me through many difficult times, encouraging me to find me inner strength and to believe in the gifts that I have. 
Thank you Dr.Helle! - Stacey Rose, MSW, LICSW, Spokane WA

  I just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made in my life and that of my family. After just one visit to your office for a 46 minute session of you hypnotherapeutic expertise I am no longer a smoker. A day I'll never forget in my extended life thanks to YOU!
  Prior to your cure I was a one pack a day smoker of 30 plus years. I enjoyed every aspect of smoking and had only briefly contemplated quitting. I was highly skeptical of hypnosis as I was of the patch or medication. Self-desire is key to anything.
  I had a smidgen of self-desire to quit and you were able to tap into that making me a true believer in hypnotherapy but more so in your ability to deliver that form of medicine.
  After awakening from your couch and until now, approximately 2 months later, I feel as if I have never had an addiction to cigarettes, ever, no withdrawals, no fixations, no replacements, none, nothing. It brings a huge grin to my face every time I tell someone the story.
  Once again I am so humbly grateful for the cure you've provided me and am at your service anytime, anyplace and anywhere. ~ Elliott L.

  Within the past three or four years, we have been pleased with the reported success by our patients regarding Dr. Helle's smoking cessation program. ~ Lawrence E. Klock, M.D.

  Hello my name is Eric and I bought your stop drinking cd and listened to it when I went to bed on DECEMBER 5th 2005 and to this day I have not had a craving for any alcohol. I just wanted to say thanks and I will be purchasing another cd from you in the future. My girlfriend and all my friend think it's weird with me not drinking anymore, I think that I will never touch a beer again and knowing that for me is the best feeling that I could have. Now I want you to help me with a strong mental game for disc golf if you have anything that could help me there that would be great

Thanks again the non drinking ~ Eric B.

  It's been barely 8 weeks since I saw Dr. Helle for weight loss. I have lost 16 pounds! I can't stop grinning! I'm thrilled, as are my doctor and her staff. The ladies reading this will probably understand: I feel like my heart is smiling. I've lost more inches than those 16 pounds would indicate. My clothes are hanging on me. I wash everything in hot water and using the hottest setting on the dryer because I don't want to purchase any new clothes yet.

This is such a miracle. ~ Jacqui

  Since going to Dr. Helle, I have been self motivated to lose weight, which I had not been able to do before. Dr. Helle instills within the person a desire to accomplish that which had not been foremost in the mind before. I truly believe by sessions and the various tapes that you can acquire your desired goal weight without taking dangerous drugs and starving yourself. Also, she teaches you to take care and love your body.

Sincerely, ~ Carrie G.

  Before visiting you and experiencing your method of hypnotherapy, I attended a group session and also a private session with another therapist. Neither impressed me nor provided success in realizing weight reduction. Since our first session, I will attest to having been thrilled at the results you were able to produce. I had hoped to lose as much as 35 pounds. Happily, I have lost 27 and now realize that I can lose as much as I want. I've experienced no cravings or desire for more food or for foods that are unhealthy or detrimental to weight control.
   I am more energetic, feel better, and am told I look younger.

What more can I say? I'm happy, thrilled, and will be glad to confirm all this to anyone whom you may want me to provide a testimonial or reference.  Sincerely, ~ Bob I.

   You truly have a healing touch. I had Arthoscopy Surgery on my left shoulder on January 14 because of injuries and arthritis. The Doctor had told me that I would not be able to use my arm for 3 to 4 months. I saw you the day before Surgery and you used your "healing touch" on me. Two week after Surgery I was using my arm. The Doctor couldn’t believe how fast I was healing. The Physical Therapist that I’m seeing can’t believe how fast I’ve healed. I have all the strength and movement back in my arm and shoulder. It has been at least two years since I have had this much use of my arm and without pain.

Thank you so much... Sincerely, Helen S.

I have known Dr. Jayne Helle for more than twenty years. I first went to her when I was going through burnout. I was so stressed out from a demanding job, three teenagers, and an invalid husband, that I was walking around with tears running down my face all the time. I credit Dr. Helle with helping me out of that black hole I was in. With Hypnotherapy, I was able to let go of the things that were causing me so much stress and get on with my life. I can enjoy life again. Now I am going to her for Weight Loss and it is working. I am very thankful to God and Dr. Helle for helping me out when I needed it most.

Christine H. Smith, Spokane, WA

  I was referred to Dr. Helle by my doctor to help me to quit smoking. I had tried the patches, the gum and even cold turkey. I was unable to quit totally. I always went back to smoking after a few days. My health was starting to suffer due to smoking so I was willing to try anything. I made my appointment with Dr. Helle and thought its worth a try. I had my last smoke on my way to the session. It has been a little over 4 weeks and I have no desire to go back to smoking. I actually have a sense of freedom I haven't felt for a long time.

Thank you Dr. Jane for your help! I highly recommend your program. ~ Loretta B.

  Truly -- you have a magical gift and you are very very special. The healing forces of people like you (how very rare they are!) keep people like me from crossing that strange line into despair and self-destruction. I can't begin to tell you how many days, how many hours I have spent with your soothing voice on the "Stop Insomnia" tape. I can never begin to understand. Or battle the problem by myself.

Again, I am so thankful for your power and your grace ~ Jil

  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful self help series.  I have purchased several different CD's within the series for friends and family.  We have all had exceptional results and will/have recommend them to others.  The CD/tapes can be listen to almost anywhere, they are upbeat and positive.  I purchased the"Stop Drinking CD" several months ago and listen to it as instructed and to this day I have not had a desire to have that drink of alcohol.  Please continue with the wonderful work you do.  I can't tell you how much you are helping myself and others.

Thank you Dr. Jane.  My warmest thanks, ~ Sue

  I can not begin to express my gratitude for your help.  As you know I have been in sales for a very long time and had reached a point in my career where I was starting to doubt my abilities and skills. Through your wonderful talents I have gained my confidence back as well as my technique. Within the first week my cold calls doubled and were more effective. I was able to close on some larger accounts and this will increase my income.

I am having more fun at work and feel like nothing can stop me from being a success.

Thank you for your help. Sincerely, ~ Fred B.

  Dr. Helle has been instrumental in driving my Type "A" personality down to a calmer state-of-mind. The ability to get in a calmer state-of-mind by managing stress has improved my health and general well-being. Dr. Helle balances body and mind for a calmer, more peaceful way of living life. She's made the rest of my life! ~ Joan H.


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